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Quiche of the Day...    Served with Fresh fruit

Salads  served with fresh bread

Cobb Salad strips of fresh vegetables, bacon, egg, and choice of chicken or crab

Chicken Caesar Salad hot and cold together!  served with pita chips

Chef Salad fresh vegetables, cheddar  and egg with choice of turkey, ham, or double cheese

Gingerman Spinach Salad topped with egg, tomato, bacon, onion and mushrooms

Tuna Pasta Salad fresh and light with fresh broccoli, olives and tomato

Steak and Bleu Cheese Quesadilla Salad... Fresh greens, onions and tomoato tossed in raspberry vinagarette, served with wedges of bleu cheese steak quesadillas

The Panini !   4 different kinds of wonderful fresh sandwiches on grilled home baked bread   

Tuscany....Chicken, eggplant, pesto, fresh tomato, mozzarella, olives 

Deli....Ham, 2 cheeses, lettuce and tomato with Philly sauce

Portabella ....grilled large mushrooms, tomato, avocado, red bell pepper, sprouts

Brazilian Steak....grilled rib eye with grilled onion and portabella mushrooms

Hillside Sandwiches

Big Bertha  7 oz. hamburger topped with relishes

Vegetable Montage famous!  grilled dark rye, cheddar, Swiss and grilled vegetables

Reuben sure you've had one before.  But try ours!  

French Dip  thin U. S. D. A. roast beef on Kaiser roll with au jus 

Turkey Burger ground turkey seasoned and grilled.  served with relishes

Philly Beefsteak Sandwich  thin roast beef with grilled onions and Swiss cheese

Turkey Ham Club on 3 toasted white bread, lettuce, mayo and tomato

The Hammer  grilled ham, onions, mushrooms and tomato with American and Swiss cheese and light mayo on dark rye bread 

Mahi Mahi sandwich  tender flavorful fish from Hawaii served on a bun with cheddar cheese and sides of lettuce, tomato, tartar sauce

Hot Beef or Hot Turkey served with mashed potato and gravy and choice of soup or Jell-O salad

Fajita in a Pita  chicken or beef grilled with peppers and onion, served over lettuce, tomato and cheddar and plenty of toppings

Tuna Melt homemade tuna salad baked onto an English muffin with cheddar cheese and a side of fresh fruit 

Mushroom Swiss Burger our famous Bertha with sautéed mushrooms, Swiss and a dash of homemade gravy