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Oktoberfest !

available from mid September thru beginning November

Every year when the leaves fall, the little villages in Germany prepare the festival celebration that has made them famous. The beer is flowing, the dancers delight us, and the food is legendary.  Come with us as we enjoy this special time of year.

All selections come with soup, salad, or  Waldorf  salad

Peasant Platter  Fresh Bratwursts boiled in beer then seared on a hot broiler. served with sauerkraut, new potatoes and a taste of Waldorf salad

Roast Loin of Pork  A Fall favorite!  fresh from the oven and served with scalloped apples, homemade gravy, butternut squash and spaetzle 

Jaeger Schnitzel  Tender Veal Cutlet or boneless breast of chicken coated with homemade beer batter and served over German noodles.  Topped with homemade Hunter sauce (mushroom wine)  served with a side of red cabbage.  

Bohemian Roasted Duck  Crisp and hot, served with sweet caraway sauerkraut, and new potatoes

Lemon Trout with Caper sauce  completely boneless trout sautéed in lemon and capers with fresh parsley.  Served with new potatoes and fresh butternut squash

Sauerbraten with Gingersnap gravy  slowly marinated, tender roasted beef in a delicious homemade sauce, served over German spaetzle with sweet and sour red cabbage

FALL Desserts!